A Dialogue Practice
A Collaboration with Tzu-huan Lin
Funded by Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles and the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan

A Dialogue Practice, 2021
A Collaboration with Tzu-huan Lin
Single channel video, color, sound, 5 minutes 40 seconds

Repeat after me: An online screening and conversation
With artists Jennifer Chia-ling Ho, Tzu-Huan Lin, Dan S. Wang, and Siru Wen.
Related to Jennifer Chia-ling Ho’s exhibition How are you?

Friday, September 10, 2021 | Online premiere: https://18thstreet.org/event/repeat-after-me/

As part of Jennifer Chia-ling Ho’s exhibition How are you?, artists Jennifer Chia-ling Ho and Tzu-Huan Lin will share their production concepts and processes of their collaborative video work, A Dialogue Practice, using found footage that reflects their experiences on communication and language learning. Artist Dan S. Wang, who extensively uses language in his work, and Siru Wen, who intentionally avoids using language in her work, will also join the conversation. This screening and conversation will premiere online on September 10, 2021.

該中心將於9月10日推出藝術家對談《請跟我這樣說》(Repeat After Me),對談將首映由何珈寧與台灣旅美藝術家林子桓共同創作之錄像作品《對話練習》(A Dialogue Practice) 並邀請二位洛杉磯當地藝術家Dan S. Wang、Siru Wen共同探討語言學習的經驗。對談影片將於該中心官方Vimeo頻道https://vimeo.com/18thstreetarts播放,歡迎踴躍觀賞。

This project is generously supported by Taiwan Academy, Los Angeles, and the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.

Jennifer Chia-Ling Ho 何珈寧 ©2022 Mar