Jennifer Chia-ling Ho  何珈寧

Jennifer Chia-ling Ho (何珈寧) is a Taiwanese artist based in Brooklyn, New York who uses sculpture, installation, and photography to explore the power and limitation of language, presentation, research methodology and how they alter the maker and viewer relationship. Growing up in Taiwan and now living in the US, the language difference and culture displacement are constant reminders of her identity as a Taiwanese but also a foreigner and a nonnative. As she encounters Western references as fragmented, scattered, and inconsistent, she collects and analyzes, and reconstructs them with new interpretations. Her work reveals and questions the invisible systems that have mediated the way we think, act or look at the world and asks how we can reconstruct and decentralize our cultural spaces to include those who have been overlooked.

Ho received her MFA in Sculpture from Pratt Institute, New York. In 2019, She co-founded We Narrate Us, a curatorial collective that aims to develop expanded methods of discussing the complexities of Asian identity. Ho is the recipient of the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan-International Exchange fellowship, Pratt MFA merit award, Graduate Student Education Fund, and Stutzman Family Foundation Fellowship. Her work has been shown in Super Dutchess Gallery, Deanna Evans Projects, and Inna Art Space in New York and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Onfoto Studio in Taipei, Taiwan. She is attending residencies at 18th Street Art Center in 2021 and Vermont Studio Center in 2022. 

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